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LOCATION: France, Loire Valley     DURATION: 12 months     AREA: 130 m2

The renovation of this house had to be contemporary, streamlined, high-end, and showcase artworks, design elements, and furniture.

The lighting was thoughtfully designed to enhance the space, and the finishes were selected to provide comfort and modernity.


LOCATION: France, Loire Valley     DURATION: 6 months     AREA: 65 m2

Crafting a space conducive to travel and disconnection in a bucolic setting, accentuating the elements and materials.

From the bedroom to the living room, the furnishings and decor with a chic countryside spirit allow transient visitors to escape during their stay.


LOCATION: France, Loire Valley     DURATION: 10 months    AREA: 110 m2

Renovation and layout of an entire floor. The materials are highlighted: the beams have been sandblasted to reveal their raw side, the tuffeau stones are exposed, and linen fabrics are used. The space includes a playroom, a guest bedroom for hosting a family, and a bathroom.


LOCATION: Germany, Düsseldorf Unterbach     DURATION: 3 months     


LOCATION: Germany, Düsseldorf     DURATION: 6 months     AREA: 115 m2

This townhouse is designed to accommodate family life. The focus is on opening up to the garden, with a layout that encourages movement towards the outdoors, creating a countryside feel.

layout-renovation-house-düsseldorf-germany-project-construction site-arrangement-decoration
layout-renovation-house-düsseldorf-germany-project-construction site-arrangement-decoration-

LOCATION: Germany, Ratingen     DURATION: 8 months     

This entrance is conceived as an introduction to the rest of the house, in complete harmony with the rooms it leads to. Striking elements, such as the wallpaper and loft-style glass door structure, foreshadow what will be discovered next.

F_TOSCANE_SCHALL_escalier_low_L343 - copie.jpg


For any request, do not hesitate to be in contact with Anne-Claire Schall via the dedicated form to specify your request.



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