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After graduating in product design at CREAPOLE ESDI in Paris, I gained 20 years of experience in the field of cosmetic and luxury. My journey led me to collaborate with major players such as L'Oréal and LVMH, as well as with agencies in France and abroad.


Over the years, I have developed a particular sensitivity to the importance of communication in project management, the need to listen carefully to clients, and the art of bringing elegance consistent with the brand identity to each product.


I am firmly convinced that successful execution of a construction or renovation project requires essential communication among craftsmen, clients, and architects. The precision and demands of German craftsmanship are valuable assets in this field.


To ensure the smooth progression of various stages, clarity in documentation, availability, and responsiveness to unforeseen challenges are indispensable in any renovation or construction project.

" Living abroad while proudly embodying the values of French culture, 

I enjoy infusing this uniqueness into the projects I work on."


As a French expatriate, I understand the importance of the daily environment to navigate and find a balance in the host country where I reside. Living in Germany is fascinating, and sharing the French art de vivre and its elegance through interior design is a true passion.

Originally from Angers, I grew up in Tours until I completed my baccalaureate. At 18, I moved to Paris, spending 12 years between my studies and work, including positions at L'Oréal's in-house design studio, Malherbe Paris agency, and the in-house studio for SEPHORA's private label at LVMH. At 29, I spent a year in Australia, working in Mirenesse in Melbourne.

At the age of 30, I relocated to Germany, specifically Düsseldorf, to lead the creative department for DOUGLAS, a cosmetics private label. Driven by a passion for design, architecture, and art, I founded ac schall in 2017 to focus on interior design while continuing to work as the creative director at Baries Design agency in Düsseldorf.

In 2020, I made the decision to fully dedicate myself to interior design, providing comprehensive and personalized guidance.

The renovation of a property in Düsseldorf further solidified my commitment to this path. Through meticulous planning, thoughtful choices, and clear communication with various building craftsmen, this renovation project was successfully executed in perfect alignment with the needs and desires of the family.


For any request, do not hesitate to be in contact with Anne-Claire Schall via the dedicated form to specify your request.



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