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Crafting refined interiors for high-end residential projects.

Each private residence project is approached uniquely, with a rigorous and demanding perspective that reflects the distinctive individuality of its occupants. Anne-Claire Schall provides personalized guidance aimed at designing unique, bespoke spaces with a strong and timeless decor.

She takes charge of creating plans and new layouts, utilizing 3D modeling and films for an immersive visualization of the project in space. Anne-Claire Schall pays meticulous attention to the selection of materials, furniture, lighting, paints, and textiles, ensuring perfect harmony in each creation.



Project description : you initiate the process by detailing your project to enable the creation of a precise quote.

Quote validation : once the quote is validated and a 30% deposit is paid, a technical survey is conducted, including:

  • Room measurements (floor plan, openings plan, locations of electricity, water, and drainage).

  • Dimensions of the furniture to be integrated.

  • Photographs of the room from different angles.

3D visualization : the designer provides 3D visualizations of the space, presenting two decoration concepts.


Validation and adjustment: after the validation of a concept, necessary adjustments are made, and plans are created for quote requests (electricians, plasterers, carpenters, etc.).

Design file : a comprehensive design file is sent, including :

  • Detailed plan with the location of various furniture and elements.

  • 3D visualizations of the space with the arrangements.

  • Detailed descriptions of the arrangements for quote requests from various trades.

Execution and follow-up : The execution of bespoke design furniture and exclusive aesthetic construction progress monitoring, including managing quote requests, sharing a list of professionals, material selection, and on-site appointments, complete the service.


For any request, do not hesitate to be in contact with Anne-Claire Schall via the dedicated form to specify your request.



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