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“I appreciate finding a harmonious blend between simplicity and sophistication, crafting an environment that exudes both ease and elegance.”

Anne-Claire Schall
Interior Designer for High-End Residential Projects

When French design graces German interiors

Step into the world of Anne-Claire Schall, a French product designer based in Düsseldorf. Her distinctive approach seamlessly blends French tradition with German modernity, crafting spaces where the charm of the past embraces contemporary elegance. Each of her creations bears witness to this unique alchemy, where French chic harmonizes with German precision.

The art of merging tradition and modernity

At the heart of each project, Anne-Claire orchestrates a true staging, reinventing the space to personalize the integration of antique furniture. Each room becomes a canvas where she orchestrates a visual balance, seamlessly incorporating antique furniture into a decidedly modern architecture, creating a dialogue between styles and eras. A visual alchemy that infuses timeless elegance into every interior.

A subtle alliance of colors and styles

The unique signature of Anne-Claire Schall shines through a clean palette that serves as the backdrop to a thoughtful staging of antique furniture. Her expertise in playing with contrasts and stylistic elements generates a captivating visual synergy, perfectly tailored to the aesthetic standards of private residences. Each piece, whether modern or inherited, incorporates harmoniously, contributing to a refined and balanced atmosphere. Thus, each residential project transforms into a unique living space, where timeless style merges with modern functionality.

French Designer in Germany

"Designing spaces that blend French spontaneity with the excellence of German craftsmanship, an alchemy where each interior tells a unique story."

Residing in Düsseldorf for over 13 years, Anne-Claire Schall possesses a keen expertise in the intricacies of the German real estate renovation market. She leverages this profound knowledge to assist her clients, providing insightful advice for the renovation or construction of their residences (...)




For any request, do not hesitate to be in contact with Anne-Claire Schall via the dedicated form to specify your request.



A selection of brands that Anne-Claire likes to work with:

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