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Support in carrying out your design project , with the aim of guaranteeing the project worked on upstream.


  • Explanation of the project to the craftsmen to prepare a quote.

  • Coordination of interventions with the works manager (the architect, the project manager or the contractor).

  • Selection of materials.

  • Regular on-site meetings for aesthetic monitoring of the work, the creation of tailor-made fittings and the application of the chosen materials.

  • Technical development (lighting, finishes, technical plans, etc.).

The coordination of trades, the guarantee of deadlines and the technical monitoring of the site being reserved for the architect, the project manager or the contractor.


Sharing the professional address book* for the choice of stakeholders to carry out your project:

  • for carrying out work following a real estate purchase

  • for the renovation of a room

  • for the implementation of tailor-made arrangements

*on Düsseldorf and its region

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